It's Official: These Are the Best Sally Hansen Nail Polishes

Every time I get a manicure, I'm faced with a critical choice: Do I choose a shade that's within the typical baby-pink range I usually pick, or do I branch out and try something new? It's a tale as old as time, really. More often than not, I stare longingly at the deep red and rich emerald polishes-I may even take one or two of them to the manicure chair to decide later-before going with some iteration of light pink. That sometimes gets a little, well, old.

If that sounds #relatable, consider this list of the best-selling Sally Hansen nail polishes your inspo for branching out. The brand boasts over 300 shades, but these 10 are the top sellers. From creamy whites to bold red to fan-favorite light pink, these are the ten Sally Hansen nail polishes buyers have deemed "the best."

Number 10

Sally Hansen Insta Dri Nail Color in Buff and Tumble $5Shop

This glossy neutral beige nail polish rings in at number 10.В If you're looking for a neutral that's not a light pink, here's the perfect shade.

Number 9

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Raisin the Bar $8Shop

The Complete Salon Manicure polish boasts a base coat, keratin complex, growth treatment, and gel finish. This shimmery reddish brown hue is one of the best sellers, and it's sure to last more than a couple days on your nails.

Number 8

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish in Powder Room $6Shop

Why settle for a glossy neutral when you could have a shimmery, glossy neutral like this metallic shade? Plus, it's got argan oil in it to help condition and nourish your nails.

Number 7

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish in Rosy Quartz $5Shop

Looking for a new subtle shade? This super-pale, sheer pink fits the bill. It's also another polish that has argan oil in it to condition and nourish. Two for one!

Number 6

Sally Hansen Insta Dri Nail Color in Cinna Snap $5Shop

Nothing says vampy quite like a deep red nail polish. Bonus: Even though it's a dark color, this shade dries super fast thanks to the Insta-Dri formula.

Number 5

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Get Mod $10Shop

Say hello to a pearly white shade that's Гјber-long-lasting thanks to the gel-like formula.В Nothing screams "fresh mani" like snow-white nails.

Number 4

Sally Hansen Insta Dri Nail Color in Petal to the Metal $5Shop

Proof that the rose-gold trend isn't going anywhere. Why not match your jewelry to your nails?

Number 3

Sally Hansen Insta Dri Nail Color in Mauve It $5Shop

A shining, shimmering, splendid shade of purple-pink polish. (Three cheers for alliteration.)

Number 2

Sally Hansen Insta Dri Nail Color in Expresso $5Shop

A cozy shade that is decidedly not brown, as the name suggests, but rather a warm mauve. The super-fast drying formula means you can apply it when you're short on time, too.

Number 1

Sally Hansen Insta Dri Nail Color in Clearly Quick $5Shop

The best-selling Sally Hansen nail polish isn't actually a color, but a topcoat. It's fast-drying and leaves nails looking oh so glossy.

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