How to Transition Your Beauty Regimen From Spring to Summer

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Memorial Day weekend signaled that summer is just around the corner. In addition to preparing your psyche for the three months of balmy bliss ahead-hopefully replete with beach days, rooftop bars, and however else you like to have fun in the sun-you should also do a little prep work to your beauty cabinet to gear up for said sun, plus the other changes the season brings.

Transitioning your beauty regimen from spring to summer requires more than just extra sunscreen. While increased attention to SPF is important, there are other factors you shouldn't forget when getting ready for the summer days ahead. To help you maintain your beauty look through the heat, sweat, and humidity ahead, and make the most of your summer glow, we've broken down the top seven steps for overhauling your beauty routine for summer.

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Sneak in More SPF

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Rather than lather sunscreen onto your face, sneak it in with the products you use to apply your makeup anyway. Start with a primer that boasts an SPF of at least 30 for a protective base before you begin anything else. You should be reapplying as the day wears on, but starting your day with products that have SPF will ensure you never forget it. This lightweight formula from Tatcha delivers a smooth, silky finish for flawless makeup application while perfecting your pores and keeping you protected from the sun's harmful rays.

Lighten Up Your Formulas

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In the summer heat, the last thing you want is heavy makeup sitting on your face, clogging your pores, and possibly melting or even dripping as the temperature rises. Switch out your foundation with a tinted moisturizer to hydrate your skin while providing a fresh even look. Bobbi Brown's BBВ cream provides pigmented coverage that withstands hot weather (and even boasts SPF 35).

Go a Shade Deeper

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Even if you aren't the tanning type, your skin will get a shade deeper with the summer sun. Be sure to adjust your makeup shades accordingly. Cover FX's CustomВ Cover Drops provide pigment to anything you mix it with. Add a couple of drops to your existing tinted moisturizer to achieve your summer shade.

Brighten Up Your Palette

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While you may still have been working your deep-berry winter tones into spring or perhaps abandoned color for a nude palette, summer is the time to bring back playful pops of brightness. Whatever your skin tone, bright colors pop against your summer glow, so have fun experimenting with a couple new lipstick shades or a brighter blush. Ditching lipgloss-which can get sticky in summer months-and opting for a lipstick crayon like Hourglass's GirlВ Lip Stylo will give you that lasting high-pigment coverage that doesn't fade with the heat.

Stick to Sweatproof Products

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Summer's the time to invest in a few waterproof makeup options. Mascara's an obvious choice, but if you live in particularly humid climates, you may want to switch out your liner for a waterproof iteration as well. The formulas will keep everything in place no matter how sweaty things get-your morning-applied beauty look will have staying power through to that rooftop happy hour.

Set Before You Sweat

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To ensure your makeup stays in place, spritz with a makeup setting spray before leaving the house. Try Coola's summer-ready version with SPF to give your face yet another shield of sun protection.

Keep Things Fresh

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ToВ keep your look matte throughout the day, you'll want to carry a powder for touch-ups, but to really refresh your look, you'll also want to tote a rosewater mist. A gentle spray of one like Jurlique's latest deluxe edition followed up by a few dabs of powder will reset your look and keep things fresh.

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