We Tried the HelloAva Skincare App-Here's Our Thoughts


HelloAva, a tech-enabled beauty customization experience, has now launched an easy web application and chatbot component. See, this allows for a more personalized, data-driven solution to your skincare woes. Let me break it down.

Users (that's you) can access HelloAva's personalized conversational UI via text or Facebook Messenger, where you'll be guided through a short process to learn more about your skin type and receive personalized product and regimen recommendations. The recommendations come from a few different factors: your photo, demographics, current living environment, past product history, and product feedback from similar users.

"I started HelloAva after experiencing my own frustrations trying to find an effective skincare regimen," said Siqi Mou, founder and CEO of HelloAva. "Skincare experts and estheticians often recommend from a limited set of brands and products that they know well or that they are commissioned to sell. Every person's skin is different, yet consumers currently lack access to real, data-driven advice on the best products for each individual's skin needs. We created HelloAva to do just that."

Gone are the days of having to peruse the aisles at the drugstore or Sephora without a clue as to what you should buy. Below, find my own experience with the new, helpful technology.


I sat down to give it a try-admittedly not expecting the recommendations to feel particularly impressive. I just hadn't ever used a service like this that didn't feel inherently frustrating. Though, such was not the case this time around. The site is simple-clean, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. I input some general information like my name, age, and a few skincare concerns.

For me, it's dullness, wrinkle prevention, and dark circles. From there, the quiz asked that I be much more specific (a feature that rarely exists with these types of applications). It asked me if before applying moisturizer, my cheeks and forehead felt dry. A far cry from the usual cookie-cutter choices like dry, combination, or oily skin. Furthermore, the next question discussed how my skin appeared several hours after applying moisturizer. Again, the genius is in the details.

HelloAva HelloAva

After completing all the questions (it took five minutes or so), the chatbot offered up aВ comprehensive summary of my skin type, including both "weaknesses" and "strengths" categories for an even more detailed description. "You have combination skin, which is resistant, with no pigmentation and slightly wrinkle prone," the description read. "Unlike sensitive skin types, your skin can withstand a wide range of ingredients without experiencing irritation or redness." That point is very important when it comes to purchasing products that will do the best possible work for your skin. Because my skin isn't sensitive, I know I can safely apply products with more active ingredients.


The experience finished off with a collection of product recommendations (not just from one brand but from many). The offerings included were formulas that had been suggested to me before, either by a dermatologist or esthetician, so I knew there was something to it. (FYI: It included Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, $38, and Korres Pomegranate Tonic Lotion, $22.) Each suggestion comes with a paragraph about what the product does, why it'll help your specific skin, and the important ingredients included. Then you can go ahead and add your favorites to your cart and receive a completely personalized regimen without ever setting foot outside your living room. Good skin is on the way-easy as that.